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Pio Pico Thousand Trails from way up high

We love the setting of our campground, Pio Pico Thousand Trails! It's quite literally in the middle of nowhere, but close to San Diego, and even closer to Mexico. We took a wild drive (4WD required!) up a mountain (in the campground!) to get a better look at the campground, plus San Diego, the ocean, Mexico, and pretty much the rest of California. Or at least the vast expanse of nothing here in southern CA.
As east coasters, we're still not used to all the empty land out here. Back east, someone would have this claimed, fenced off, and put up no trespassing signs! Here, they make off-road trails and say enjoy!
So, insanely scary drive up. The road on my side dropped down to nothing. The steep drop off I can handle, the crazy bumps that I was sure would throw us down said drop off were a bit much!
Otay Lake (I assume, since the road is Otay Lakes Rd) and the Pacific in the background.
We stopped to enjoy being on top of the world for a while.
Zooming in on San Diego. I think Chula Vista is in the foreground.
Some of the nothingness on the other side.
Panorama of our view 4.5 miles above the campground. Had to point to our truck. (Gotta love Photomerge in Photoshop!)
And there's Pio Pico tucked into the mountains like a big fat secret.
It was fun to see it from this perspective, curving around the base of the hills.
And reaching back between the hills.
And hey, look! We found Autumn! We've been bummed about landing in the desert for Autumn. The desert!! We'd originally planned to be on the east coast, and they sure put on a color show! But since we derailed a bit (maybe going from Maine to California is more than a bit??), we've been lamenting the boring desert colors. Weather though is awesome, we'll manage. But driving through the campground, we saw this and smiled. Thanks little tree. We know you're trying!


Steve said…
Wow, beautiful views! What a great place to relax.

Do you have trouble balancing between time away in rural areas and time enjoying what more urban locations offer?
The Lundy 5 said…
We rarely care about the urban areas! We're not big on cities, so we generally skip them. We did drive into San Diego 2 days, and LA 1 day, but what man made is so much less pretty than what God made in our books. :) But we're never too far from them if that's your thing.
Tusele said…
oh my....those views are gorgeous!!!