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RV stair storage

After watching the McCloskeys and Travaglinos put in stair storage, I finally got mine! And then Allen stole it!! He's been procrastinating busy with other projects but finally looked at the stairs today. There's a great empty box on the second step and a long, open space under the first that goes clear back to the third (perfect for a long drawer). And he thinks they're both perfect for tools. Tools! Granted I have no idea what I'd put there right now, but it was my idea! Fortunately, getting his tools out of where they are now will clear up a space I want for laundry, so all is not lost! The tool box looks great I admit, and he won't have to go outside to the basement for them. The drawer will be next, then I guess I'll have to find something else to bug him about!


Carla said…
cool. makes me wish we had stairs. tools? go figure;)
Such a great idea. I'm writing a blog post about ideas for storing shoes in an RV. Would you mind if I shared a photo of your stair modification, with a link to this post?
The Lundy 5 said…
That's totally fine. Thanks!