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Middle of the desert, Arizona

We moved across the street from our campground to some BLM land for a week so we can move back to the campground when Uncle Ryan comes to visit. (We have to leave after 3 weeks.) It's gorgeous here, with 360° views of snow-capped peaks, the red rocks of Sedona, and the beautiful desert all around us. After our 2 minute drive, we got all set up, leveled, slid, even took pictures - and THEN we found the perfect spot in a little alcove around the corner. So what would make us leave this spot???
This one!!!
Now we're tucked away from the "main drag" (which isn't very "main" since it's a 4WD dirt road anyway). No one for miles, great views, the dog can run, the kids can roam, and on top of that, we have 3G, 5 bars, and unlimited data so we can stay connected, if we want to.


Team Monty said…
Wow... you're really tucked in there :) We are also a full time family, we started from FL in September. I'm curious... how do you decide where to boondock out in the middle of nowhere? How do you know it's safe and allowable? How do you know it's public land? We're currently in San Antonio, TX and heading to Arizona in January. Any tips you could share would be awesome!
The Lundy 5 said…
Google maps shows blm land, and there are websites just to find free camping on blm land. Across from this campground there are signs all about camping on it and there are usually a few rigs. We went across the street and saw no camping near waterhole signs and found on the map it's public.
The Bru Cru said…
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The Bru Cru said…
WOW you guys are brave!!! Maybe after we're on the road for a while I'll feel comfortable with being all alone like this in the middle of nowhere hehehe... Anyway... I have a question... How do you guys dump your black tank when you're dry camping like this?
We just came back from camping over the New Years and our camp site had no sewage hook up. We were there for 3 days and it was not easy so I'm curious how you guys are doing this. :)
The Lundy 5 said…
Campground across the street. Most will have dump stations.