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The Lendes, another RVing family

We were so glad the Lende family came to our campground! We only had a few hours for our first visit near St. Louis, and ended up only getting to visit about the same due to our schedules, last minute trips, and the freezing weather. They're a family we'd really like to sit and chat with for days on end! Hopefully we'll catch up to them again, at a warmer time, and have a longer visit. That is a great thing about our RVing friends, it's easier to say we'll catch you down the road. Nick had to work and a few of Stephanie's kids were napping, but we squeezed most of us in the pic.
We were also glad the McCloskeys got to see their beautiful RV (that gave us many ideas, including the couch Allen now wants to build, and pushed me over the edge to paint).
Lizzy found a fast friend too!
We look forward to camping with them again and hopefully having time to do nothing. :)