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The McCloskeys have hit the road!

The McCloskeys have left the building campground! They took their maiden voyage with their new (to them) RV that's been completely remodeled from a blue two-person weekender to a beautiful home on wheels for five! Now they've hit the road for places unknown... although we all agreed an hour east would be enough for one day. :)
It's fun to get to a new campground and bring your own neighbors! Although they're clear across the park because this place is full. I probably shouldn't share that it took them three times to park because of slides and landing gear. Probably not, but if they had their own blog, they could have chosen not to share that. :) If they did blog, I think this should be their header.
Since they don't, I've just assumed that role for your their pretty much my own enjoyment.
Anyone notice the Ohio State O on the bike rack? They used ours and we very much enjoyed seeing these Californians represent OSU. :)
It was a beautiful drive through southern California, and their last for a while. We're glad we got to enjoy this part of their adventure with them and wish them SO many more down the road!


Golden Gang said…
Rock on!!!! Yeah!!!
I am SOOO excited for them!!!
Give them a hug from us. :)

Debbie R said…
Cali is GORGEOUS!!