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Continuing east toward Florida, we stopped in Little Rock, Arkansas. What? AR isn't on the way to FL?? It is if Shannan, Paul, and "the girls" live there! We had a wonderful time reconnecting with friends we haven't seen in WAY too long. "The girls" are growing up, prettier than ever, and just amazing young ladies. Adding Paul and Caleb to that family is just the perfect mix too! We were so glad to meet them and see what great things God's done with and for the Harris family.
Besides all the catching up, we had a lot of fun. We got to see their beautiful horse and enjoy a country paradise. Beautiful lake, trees, swing. The dogs (& kids) got to run wild. The kids got to pet & help groom the horse. Somehow it ended with everyone spinning around a stick until we were crazy dizzy and trying to run.
Then, randomly, a dance party broke out. I hear "we're making a dance video, find some crazy clothes to wear" and for some reason I didn't question that. We mixed and matched a bit and danced the night away! Turns out they were making a video to incorporate into a skit. More on that later. Their living room is the perfect dance hall, roller rink, hooping spot, exercise class, concert hall. Anything, and everything!
It was so hard to leave, and not just because we were parked in their driveway for free! It's been way too long since we've seen them. We squeezed in as much fun as we could for the few days we had though and look forward to the next time!
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