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Breakfast with 5 RVing families

We had a small RVing families gathering for breakfast at the campground lodge. If you consider 5 families and 22 kids small anyway. :) The Northams and my brother Ryan were leaving, and the Garrisons and Ticknors just arrived, so it was a great time to say hi, bye, and eat up! The Travaglinos and Lundys seem to not feel like moving lately. :) We took electric griddles and the kids made pancakes, eggs, and bacon for us!
My brother got to experience a week in the life of a traveling Lundy and commented a few times on the camaraderie of RVing families. We tend to take it for granted, but it's been so great having other families close by. Borrowing eggs, extra playmates, communal meals, maintenance helpers, manual labor, adult conversation... it really is nice having neighbors!