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Sedona hike, Cathedral Rock again

Because we're insane stupid adventurous, we took Ryan to climb back up Cathedral Rock in Sedona. We really wanted him to experience a great hike and view, and I have a feeling Allen wanted to kill him just a little. Some of the Ticknor men came with us this time and again it was excruciating fun! We're always representing. Go Bucks!
We, fine, okay, they spent some time searching for a geocache, which we're pretty sure is gone, or invisible. I'm not sure about that, but I am pretty sure Dana wouldn't have enjoyed watching her boys searching for it on this mountain!
Rocking my camera fanny pack. Yeah, you can't really rock one of these things, they're ugly! But I sure love it for hiking. Especially when we climb and I need both hands. Avoiding death by falling trumps pretty camera bag in this case.
Cactus eating survival lesson. We also had a honeycomb lesson.
At one point, we were resting, and well, maybe feeling a little proud of our private spot, off the beaten path where few dare to climb, when we noticed a climber, above us. Way above us! Then we felt like mere hikers again. :)
More pics: