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Emma's driveway, Kyle TX

On our way through Texas, we stopped in my friend Emma's driveway. I think my kids were on her trampoline before they even met the entire family. A TRAMPOLINE! Yeah, they were excited. That's the only thing they miss from home. Emma and Troy graciously let us invade their yard & house despite their crazy week, work travel, their house being under construction, and rain (that we probably brought with us). Elizabeth and her daughter traveled to us again and spent the evening with us too! We had a campfire (that you could see from space - seriously, we had to use a heat shield!) and made dogs, burgers, corn, beans, cobbler, & s'mores. The kids got to play with their 5, plus chickens & kittens! They also got to do a little decorating to an unfinished wall. Their remodeling is well underway and it'll be fun to see the finished house one day. It'll also be nice to see our friends again and meet their newest daughter once she arrives!
More pics:

Video of Josh & Matt getting their flips down.