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Family fun

We were sad to miss the FOTR rally in Florida this year, but very happy to get to spend time with 6 families in our campground in Arizona. And when a few families sadly pulled out, more pulled in! So we've had lots of time to chat, play, eat, fix things, compare notes and just enjoy each other. We also learned that when Kimberly Travaglino says "Hey, you wanna have a pizza & game night?" she has something up her sleeve! We had one heckuva game night with 4 families and both kids and adults had a ball! Balloons, bananas, toilet paper, pretzels, candy, straws, popsicle sticks, cups, dice, prizes - she had it all - and it all had a purpose - and it all was hilarious!
It's so fun to have all these families around us! Whether it's a loaf of bread, curtains, a screen door, dog walking, or a fuel filter, there's someone to help, watch, advise, or laugh at. And the kids have so many options! When they walk outside, they have a hard time choosing what to play first, where, and with whom.
We're hoping to catch some of the RVing families now in Florida when we head east, but for now, we're very grateful for the families here in the west. We're blessed to know so many fulltime families on the road!
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