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Grand Canyon National Park, in the winter

After Sunset and Wupatki, we hit the Grand Canyon, this time coming in from the east side instead of the south. We had lovely views coming in of the Little Colorado River and its smaller (but huge) canyons. Since it's off-season now, the park was much less crowded and we could drive many (not all) of the roads instead of taking the shuttles.It's an interesting national park because you're "just" looking at one thing, and the view doesn't change much for miles. Granted, that one thing is completely amazing of course, it's just so big, wide, deep, and well, grand. The kids really prefer parks where they have to explore to get to the treasures. So after a short while they get bored, which is frustrating, but understandable. It was also freezing.
We stayed for the sunset and it's neat to see the colors change over the whole canyon.
We're still anxious for when we can take a few days and hike to the bottom! That's more our style.
More pics:

Video of the sunset. It starts pretty dark in the west, but lightens up!