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Hillshade RV Park, Gonzales TX

After 2 years, we finally made it to Hillshade RV Park in Gonzales TX! Why did I want to go so bad? What's in Gonzales anyway? (I don't know, I never left the park!) Why Hillshade?? Because Christine is there! She's a weird caring strange helpful quirky awesome beautiful trauma mama and friend (and RV park owner) who's helped us (and approximately a gazillion other families) with our adoption insanity challenges. I got to meet Christine at a moms retreat last year and it was so nice to meet her whole beautiful family!
The kids had a blast together and seemed to find much common ground, especially with 6 of the 8 being adopted. Allen & I got to sit and chat with Christine (which is like a shot of therapy & caffeine), so now he understands why I begged to come to Middleofnowhere, TX. (It's actually close to San Antonio & Austin, so not really out of the way. He exaggerates.)
Only Christine could grow clovers with hearts! I think she paints them at night.
The girls hit it off and did teenagerish stuff, much to Lizzy's delight.
They also had a formal fashion show (in which Lizzy helped destroy then undestroy their entire room).Fashion show clip:

At the end of the show, a dance party broke out:

As a bonus, the Zavocki family (in our twin RV) was beside us for the first two days! We first met in CA in December and have emailed about our similar RVs, so it was nice to catch up. And somehow, we came away with a new tire for the RV!!! THANK YOU!
Another bonus, one of the DSP designers, Elizabeth Weaver & her daughter came to visit! I haven't seen her since ummm, I think the Ohio/Kentucky laptop crop, so years ago!


Rainey Daye said…
My gosh, Lizzie is looking so grown up these days (though I guess I have been following your blog for a while)!!
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