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Jerome snow & sledding, our private winter wonderland

My brother Ryan came to visit us for a week! The kids wanted to sled and we wanted Ryan to experience the fun of wearing shorts, then driving up the mountain to play in snow an hour later, so we headed up to Jerome. We had to drive quite a bit higher this time to find enough snow, then we hit the jackpot! We saw a sign for Mingus Recreation Area and checked it out. Turns out there is a (closed) campground (soooo not for RVs!) and a lake, on top of the mountain! We found a great place to sled and had a ball. Then we walked to the lake and found it completely frozen over, so we had another ball!
Uncle Ryan and Matt tried some fancy moves. They didn't end well.
After we'd frozen to death our fun, we walked around Jerome a bit. It's a very cool town literally built into the side of the mountain (needed years ago for the copper mines). The houses are feet from the road in front and appear to be one story, but then you see the backs around a corner and they're 3-5 stories high built into the mountain. And lots of interesting little shops.
More pics:

Some videos of the sledding. Allen:

Josh missing Matt, but not Lizzy:

Josh & Matt together: