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White Sands

On our way east, we stopped at White Sands National Monument, which is 275 square miles of yep, white sand! According to them, it's the world's largest gypsum dunefield. According to our kids, it's a winter paradise without winter! Sledding without the cold. The sand is fine, more sugar than your typical beach sand, though it looks (and is slippery) like snow. The best part of this place is you get to TOUCH it! So many of the National Parks are look, but don't touch. This one is hey, the sand moves every day, so get in there and enjoy it! And boy did we!
We took the RV with us and spent the day. It was great to have to take naps, make lunch, and clean up. Not so great to have white sand everywhere though, but at least it was easy to sweep out.
The kids did the Junior Ranger program and got their badges on our way out. They had a good movie about how the gypsum was formed. There was a laugh out loud moment as the NPS (as always) pushed evolution but described adaptation. They said see how the lizard has adapted and changed to a white color to blend in? This shows evolution. Um, it's still a lizard. That's called adaptation. They don't need a Bible, just a dictionary. It's funny when even children notice the errors. But still, neat white lizards and a very cool national monument!
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