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19 RV families

Here in Orlando, when any family pulls out, it seems another pulls in! We hardly have time to mourn the loss of our new friends/neighbors as we're off to meet even newer ones. It's actually starting to be a blur! There were campfires, cookouts, deep discussions, silly jokes, workouts, dancing, music, and more. I actually forgot my camera for a while (weeks!) and just enjoyed our community while we had it. We all head south for winter, so we'll disperse soon! We spent fun time with many combinations of these NINETEEN awesome RVing families: Marrs, Brewers, Hensons, Chalfants, Frenches, Nims, Dials, Lakos, Bennetts, Sparks, Taylors, Malsons, DeMichiels, Sommers, Schriers, Heisler-Quinns, Pailes, Weavers, and the Coast to Coast Trips. Also saw the Knabe and Hoog families, who are hoping to hit the road! LinkIt's been great for the kids too! So many games to play with so many kids. If you've been wondering about getting an outdoor rug, it's great for hot wheel adventures!
By the Lakos bus with the Henson, Heisler-Quinn, Lundy, and rabbit-ear-giving Lakos families.