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Challenges schmallenges

This question was posed as part of the February Group Writing Project
What challenges kept you from making your dreams a reality? Is it fear of the unknown? Your spouse? Your extended family’s reaction? Money? Even if you are OTR, do you find yourself still holding back?

Of course I have to say NO challenges kept us from hitting the road! The challenges were all there, fear, reactions, money, (not spouse though, he was all in!) but none of those warranted much thought. I don't know that we're super bold, we just know what our family wanted and made it happen. Once we decided, we were all so eager! It took a few months to sort out the details and do the manual labor of selling, buying, packing, and going.
Do we hold back now? Again, NO! Once we finally realized life is literally (not just figuratively) what you make it, and you CAN make it anything you want, how could we hold back? We hear so many say I can't, I wish, you're lucky. We're not lucky! We're purposeful and determined and very blessed. I do believe God watches over us and has kept us alive, afloat, redirected, etc. many times just when needed, so I don't think we get all the credit. :)
Driving through White Sands, New Mexico with our home in tow.

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Angela said…
You are an amazing family! I am excited to keep up with you on your adventures.