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Allen & the kids went to see the manatees at Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River with the Marrs, Nims, and Schrier families. (I stayed home to work.) Allen took his kayaks and the rest rented a pontoon boat. They had great weather (though the year-round 72° water temp felt cold apparently!) and saw lots of manatees. They got to swim with them, touch them, and just hang out! On the way back, Allen and Josh (in the kayaks) had a fun encounter. A playful manatee kept coming up and doing a spin move trick to have its belly rubbed. Troy got an awesome picture of Josh shaking its flipper! (Do you call them flippers? Guess we'll look it up.)A big THANK YOU to Troy Marrs who took and shared great pics, all of which I've shamelessly used here for my your viewing pleasure!


The Bru Cru said…
Absolutely amazing!!!! Wish we were there!!!!