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2 year nomadiversary

Happy Nomadiversary to us! We've been on the road for two years today!  How better to celebrate that (or really anything) than cake?! The Grands came to visit and even brought Uncle Ryan, who drove down from Pensacola.  Our cakes so far have been themed and this year we chose the Arizona desert where we like to take drives.  The kids say you have to use your imagination (and pretend this truck is a Chevy instead of a Ford).  Last year it was our truck & RV in the Mojave Desert!
So after two years, are we tired? Ready to settle down? No way!  No end in sight for this traveling family!


Oh my gosh! Someone ate your home right off the cake. The ants are so bad around here, I bet they carried it away!

Congratulations! To many more!
Chasity said…
Happy Nomadiversary!!!!