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Five RVing families got to have a start of the summer party at Cici's thanks to some other great RVing families! There was a contest on Facebook for pictures posted of the super moon and since we were at the pool with four other families, one of them took the pic with all the kids together. There were great pictures of the moon posted too, but we all begged for "likes" on the picture and said the kids would get ice cream with the cash prize if ours won. Lots of people "liked" it, but alas we got second place. BUT the Mulac family decided to give a second place prize, so we won! THEN the Thomas family, who won first, generously donated their prize to us as well for a party instead of ice cream! Throughout the voting and the prize giving, our nomadic family spread across the country was so supportive and fun!
And the pizza buffet and ice cream with lotsa toppings was indeed a great way to kick off summer!
See?! :)