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Ellie May

One night, after midnight... (because a story about randomly inheriting a baby bird can't start out like... One night, when we decided we wanted to raise a baby bird...)  our neighbors in the campground needed to leave (now those kinds of plan changes *are* normal) so they asked if we would take care of their little Ellie May.  Turns out, Ellie May was a brand new little robin abandoned on the farm.  The farm workers taught Kimber and her girls how to take care of it and said it should be able to fly in a few more days.  So, for the next few days, we took care of her. 
She was really sweet and loved to be held.  It was chilly out, so we kept her inside. 
 She *loved* to sit outside but wouldn't fly away.  She'd just sit there, chirping quietly, and eating a lot whenever we offered. 
 Then she went a bit farther and sat.  All day. 
 Then farther and higher.  All the next day.  She didn't even come down to eat. 
 We were worried because she hadn't eaten all day, but she was happy and chirping very loudly every so often.  She made a few friends and the next thing we knew...
*poof* She was gone.  *sniff*  They grow up so quickly.  I just hope she doesn't bother the next campers in our site, begging them for food! :)

Want to see the little piggy eat?  So cute.