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Hershey Chocolate World, PA

Best. Day. Ever.  We (Okay, I) couldn't wait to get to Hershey PA and it didn't disappoint!  We visited Hershey Chocolate World (with wide eyes and open mouths) and absolutely loved it.  So much to see and chocolate EVERYWHERE! Driving by the cocoa factory, Lizzy said I read that it smells like chocolate! And it sure did!  I could live here.
We did the factory tour (a fun, educational ride explaining the chocolate making process) quite a few times. 
The kids got to work in the Hershey Kisses factory and package (and eat) some kisses.  Matt was so good they put his face right on the package!  (Okay, that cost $9.99 but he liked it.)
Our favorite part was the Dessert Creation Studio, where we got to make our own desserts.  It's not often your waitress says here's some colored icing for you to paint with and eat until we bring your order! It was fun to paint chocolate mustaches on the kids too. 
We loved just browsing the gift shop too. So many fun gifts and soooo much chocolate!  We found Allen the perfect Father's Day gift (a Hershey coffee mug with yep, chocolate inside).  There were free samples after the factory tour(s) and in the food court too.   We even found fun characters to pose with.  We skipped the movie and the make your own candy bar experience (and opted for the free activities), but we've heard those are really fun.  Maybe next time.  There will certainly be a next time!! 
It was just a really fun chocolatey day! More pics of the chocolatey goodness:

Here's part of the factory tour for a peek into the chocolate making process. So yummy.