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Maine Day 1, Junior Rangers and Precipice

We made it to Maine! We actually aimed for Maine last year but landed in California instead, after a detour through Joplin. So we were glad to finally make it.  Because we wanted to visit friends in NH and make a family reunion in NY, we only had a week to enjoy it. And enjoy it we did!  We camped in Bar Harbor and hiked all 7 of our days in Acadia National Park on beautiful Mount Desert Island. And as a bonus, the Nims, Tersieff, McCloskey, and Travaglino families were there for some of those days!
On day 1, we started with the Junior Ranger program with the Nims and Tersieffs.
 Then we headed up the worst best hike on MDI: Precipice.  Yeah, it's not even classified as a hike, but rather a non-technical climb.  It was brutal and awesome and quite an amazing introduction to MDI.  So steep!
There were blueberries everywhere! Talk about a convenient hiking snack.  They were so good, and I don't even like blueberries.  I'm not sure if it was because Maine blueberries are so special or if I was just so tired/scared/hungry, but I'm now a fan.  The rest were already and we enjoyed our fill (and more) of them. 
 Some people's teeth were always blue...
After barely surviving the climb up, a different climb down, walking to find a bus, and catching the very last bus home, we were rewarded with this sunset over the bay in our campground.  Good day!
More pics below. Definitely check them out. Maine is hard to show in a few pics!