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Maine Day 3, Bubble Rock

On day 3 we hiked to Bubble Rock.  We tried to push it off, to no avail.  Don't worry, it's been there for at least hundreds, if not thousands, though definitely not millions, of years, so it's safe.  It was a short moderate brutal climb, though certainly worth the pain agony effort.  Lunch at the top was great, overlooking two "ponds."  (Maine calls lakes ponds for some reason.) 
Before descending down the hard way, a nice hiker said it'd be pretty tough for the dog.  I said, "What about me?!" But I made it, as did Jack.  They say this is a trail, and I see the blue blazes of paint, but no trail! 

Then we took an easy easier trail back to the truck.

Even the drives home on MDI are pretty.  This was just a quick snapshot from the window. 

More pics: