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Maine Day 3, Lobstah Dinnah

Our lobster dinner deserves its own post, since the boys looked forward to it for so long.  Jenn got a tip about a place the locals like that's off the touristy path, so we headed to Thurston's.  We met the Nims and Tersieffs there and got an education along with our dinner.  The kids learned about hard shells, soft shells, cooking process, and even how to tell the boy lobsters from the girls.   

This was Allen's choice soft shell.  Before & after.

Happy boys.  (Lizzy and I chose soup!)

We ate right on the water, literally.  Imagine dropping your keys!
It was an interesting place for sure and very pretty. 
We usually say don't play with your food, but the kids got to hold someone's pre-dinner, which they thought was very cool.  Here's a video: