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Maine Day 4, The Beehive

On this rainy, 4th day we decided to climb The Beehive despite the weather.  We imagine the views would have been amazing if we weren't in the clouds.  Although it might have actually made it easier since the trail says it's not for the faint of heart with its climbs and cliffs!
We're told this is the mountain, although we couldn't see it.
It was crazy steep, though fun!

Loving that camera beltpack!
The boys were brave enough to swim in The Bowl, despite the temps, and the leeches!  It was a quick dip.  Also a nice place to stop for lunch. 
More blueberries.
The views probably would have been great.

We went back down by way of Gorham Mountain and stopped at Thunder Hole again, and the kids climbed even more. 

As always, the day ended with a beautiful sunset right outside our window.
More pics: