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Maine Day 5, Beech Cliffs, Echo Lake, Cadillac Mountain

On day 5, we hiked the Beech Cliffs and Canada Cliffs Trails, overlooking Echo Lake.  More climbing, more ladders, more gorgeous views.  This time when our family was cheering Jack up a climb, I (again) said, "What about me?" So some hikers behind us started cheering me on. "Go mama, you can do it!" Embarrassing and awesome at the same time. :)
We took Jack and, mountain goat that he is, he even had some trouble getting up one of the cliffs.  On the ladder climbs, we just let him off leash to find his own way, and he usually has no trouble.  But he couldn't make it up one, so Allen had to carry him!
As always, just driving around the island, there are beautiful scenes everywhere.

That evening we drove up Cadillac Mountain (we had enough climbing that day!) to watch the sunset.  This is the spot where you can be the first in the US to see the sunrise, you know, if you want to get up early.  We opted for the sunset. :)  We found more blueberries too. 

More pics: