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New Hampshire

On our way through NH, we went to Corey's house! Some of you won't know who that is, but in many homes across the country, women are squealing! Corey is simply a rock star among thousands of adoptive moms.  She's responsible for literally keeping hundreds of us going in tough times.  And she's an amazing mom herself.  On top of all that, she invited a bunch of us over with our kids!  We messed up her house and yard, ate her yummy food, and just enjoyed our time together.  Some moms were nearby on vacation, so we had ladies from Canada, Texas, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and another fulltime RVing mom besides me.  And 25 or so of our kids. :)   The kids had a good time playing and the moms had a great time connecting.  Like our retreat in Orlando, I could just sit and listen to these ladies all day.  My cup was definitely filled, and my belly!