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Niagara Falls

Every year, Matt celebrates his birthday somewhere awesome.  2010 was Mount Rushmore, 2011 was the Grand Canyon, and 2012 was Niagara Falls. He's one lucky dude!  A 10-year-old dude now too (gasp!).  After the family reunion, we drove to Niagara and got to meet up with the Brewers, another RVing family!  We met them in FL, then again in PA, and now in NY.  It's so nice having a "road family" since we're away from our other family on the road.
Allen and I went to Niagara on our honeymoon, 15 years ago, after baseball games in Toronto and Montreal.  Yes, baseball on our honeymoon because I am THAT awesome!  So it was fun to visit again after so long.  And last time our night pictures didn't turn out - from our $8 disposable camera!  This time we stuck to the US side though, since our passports expired. (The Canadian side is prettier.)
We surprised the kids with a ride on the Maid of the Mist. They loved getting wet and the closeup views!

We walked over to Goat Island to get closer to Horseshoe Falls and get another perspective of American and Bridal Veil Falls. (Do you know we've not been in a state without a Bridal Veil Falls somewhere? Seriously popular name for waterfalls, big or small.)

We had dinner with an AWESOME view at Top of the Falls Restaurant.
Thanks to a random tip, we saw a tightrope walker across the river in Canada and later found out he was 68! No harness or safety net either. And he's doing this for 11 weeks each day at 7pm!
Josh wanted a picture with this statue and I said "Oh, you don't even know who [reading the name] Nikola Tesla is."  [I'm thinking that name sounds familiar, something about physics I think.]  He says "Mom, he's an inventor and made the Tesla tube and worked with radio, electricity, and x-rays."  Where does he learn this stuff?!
The falls were so pretty lit up at night too. 
Many, many more pics: