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New York Family Reunion

This year our New York family reunion was perfectly timed for us since we were in the northeast. It was great to see everyone again and catch up, since we haven't gone since 2003!  It was especially neat for Matt and Lizzy who we didn't adopt until 2006.  They'd never met any of Grandma's family.  It certainly wasn't the same without Grandma and some of her siblings, but it was a wonderful trip down memory lane.  We drove past some of the houses we used to visit each summer when I was young(er) and I got to tell stories and feel old. :)  It's been nice connecting with many of my relatives on Facebook now too.  I know my parents will enjoy seeing the pictures when we get down to FL.  Here are a few for now though. 
We have a fun auction to raise money for the reunions and more importantly, pass around family heirlooms and fun items. Matt helped this year.  Yeah, they watch a lot of auction shows on TV.  Lizzy was very excited to win one of Aunt Mae's necklaces and she wears it with pride.  I also took pics (because I didn't win it!) of my great great grandma's scrapbook.  I need to scrapbook that myself for DSP's Family History Month!
 Gems for breakfast, a family tradition.
We had a great campsite in our cousin's field!  It was wonderful of Chris to put up with us and nice to be close by.  (And again Chris, we're sorry about putting the buck rub on your tree!)  
Our cousin's house is absolutely gorgeous!  The kids picked out their rooms and were ready to do a house/RV swap, for a few months anyway.  Check out the slideshow below. It's really amazing. 

More pics: