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After the rally, we headed to New Jersey for some rest and recovery from all the fun. Everyone was wiped, even the dog!
First we headed to Chestnut Lake.  We were all settled in, just in time for the storm of all storms!  We learned first hand what a derecho (land hurricane) was.  It wasn't pleasant, but seemed just like another thunderstorm to us.  But the electric and water was out, and they expected it to be out for 4-5 more DAYS!  It was so hot that open windows didn't help. And as we had a full hookup, there was no water in our tanks.  Stores weren't even open to find relief.  The campground offered a complimentary stay at another campground 40 minutes south, so I stubbornly begged sweetly asked Allen to go and he begrudgingly with much malice agreed.  As we left, we found roads were blocked and trees were down everywhere. We sure were lucky in our campground!
So we moved to Sea Pines, where there were more trees than we've ever seen in a campground. Probably awesome if you're a tent camper, but it made maneuvering our big rig pretty challenging.  But at least they weren't falling. Plus, they had water and electric, so we were happy!