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Kayaking & shredding

Since the falls were too high, the kayakers (as usual) had to scramble to figure out what else to run.  Allen decided to let Matt kayak with him on the Casselman.  Allen's never kayaked it before, but whatever.  Then Kathy offered to let Josh and Lizzy go with her on the shredder, so why not?  What's a shredder? This crazy looking boat (that we now think we need):
 So when I heard the idea of the 4 of them boating and me having an entire day to myself, I thought about it. For about 5 seconds. Yes please!  Oh it was so lovely too.  No cell or internet, so I read a book, all day, in my jammies, inside for a while, outside for a while, ahhh.  This was a rare treat for all of us! 
The reports were that the kids did great too!  (Allen always does.) :)