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Natural water slides

We love these natural water slides at Ohiopyle State Park in PA.  We found out the Burch family (yes, another RVing family!) was close to Ohiopyle, so we invited them down.  We met them last year in CA as they were considering hitting the road.  (They hit it in full force and have covered half the country and a ton of national parks!)  In between rain storms, their boys and our three enjoyed the slides, which weren't pumping too hard, but just enough to keep going.  
I've taken this pic over the years to watch them grow. *sniff*

Here's a quick video of the top half of the slides.

We also checked out the Ohiopyle Falls that Allen planned to kayak the next day!  Unfortunately for him (kinda fortunately for my nerves), it kept raining and the levels were too high (illegal) to run.