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Full US Citizenship

Presenting, for the first time in 11 years, Josh Lundy, a full citizen of the USA as finally recognized by the SSA because we bought an unnecessary passport. Red tape resistance over.  (Resistance is futile; he has been assimilated.)
I resisted as long as I could, because I despise govt stupidity, and maybe because I'm a bit stubborn.
There's a new law that says any child adopted overseas and brought to the US is automatically a US citizen.  (It's designed to make the process easier!)  So the Ukrainian adoption decree and his stamped Ukrainian passport upon entering the US is proof of citizenship.  Every govt agency except SSA recognizes that.  They require a certificate of citizenship or a US passport, both expensive and unnecessary.  We tried different offices trying to find someone who would use common sense and finally gave up.  It usually went like this:
You know he's a citizen because of these two things.
But you won't call him a citizen.
Even though he is one.
Because of this law designed for this reason.
You know that's crazy right?
We need a certificate of citizenship or US passport. 
Proof he's a citizen?
Even though we have proof he is one?
You know that's crazy right?
See? My list says we need a certificate of citizenship or US passport...
On and on they all went. 

Of course, we could have simply bought a certificate or passport. Guess what proof they need?  Yeah.  But what fun would that be? 

But we finally decided this year to just get him a passport.  (He'll eventually want to work.)  Guess what proof they needed?  Yeah.  Checkmark here, pay the lady, thanks. 

So back to the SSA office we went.  Proof of citizenship? Yeah, we have that.

What did Josh learn?  To stand up for what's right, that I hate red tape, to rage against the machine, or that my stubbornness patience lasts approximately 11 years.