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New shelves in the RV

I've had this hollow wall beside my desk since, well, since Allen built my desk.  Hollow walls are really annoying, especially in an RV, where you need to be creative with your (small) space.  We figured we'd redo it somehow, someday.  Four things led to that day being today: 
1. I needed an outlet inside the closet for the printer and a light.
2. I needed this basket (aka ever-growing pile of junk) off my desk.
3. There was nothing else to do.
4. Allen never tells me no.   :) 

The conversation went like this.
Me: Will you put in another outlet for me?
Allen: Okay.
Me: You just have to rip out this wall and rewire this one outlet into two. And since you're doing that, will you just build it into shelves for me instead?
Allen: *sigh* Okay.
He's pretty handy.  Just one of the reasons I love him!
It wasn't quite hollow. It looked like it was prepared for the optional washer/dryer unit wiring.
 I was "helping". 
I *did* do the painting at least.
Now the clutter is useful items are hidden in baskets.  And  yes, they're secured with Velcro. 


Carla said…
Love the idea of using empty wall space. (also of documenting the importance of 'moral support' in any honeydo project!!
Jana said…
Where do you find all your cute baskets? Love the ideas you have for creating more organized space!
The Lundy 5 said…
Thanks! Those are mostly Country Baskets that I've had forever.