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West Virginia

We stopped for a month in Fayetteville, WV. It was a great time in the beautiful, middle of nowhere to catch up on work, get in some kayaking and rafting, and just enjoy some downtime. What all did we do?
First we parked on the side of a road, but a road to nowhere, so it was gloriously peaceful. We only saw a few people all month!  
 The kids built forts in the woods. 
 Jack got to run free!
 I finally sewed the patches I'd avoided all year. Okay, I used fabric glue.
 We finally went to the Cathedral Cafe. What an interesting setting in an old church. Good food too.
 Now here's a great idea for an RV table to save the room for storing a chess board!! 
 The boys finally got haircuts.
 We took a few beautiful hikes in the New River Gorge.  (Endless Wall Trail and Long Point Trail.)
 We were able to get mail, so we got some homeschooling shirts!
We kayaked, rafted, and even swam the rapids on the New River.  The boys kayaked the Glade Creek section of the New River for some great practice.  And Josh got his roll down! (Allen & Matt kayaking the New, Allen, Matt, & Josh kayaking again, the annual OAC Labor Day trip.)
We found ourselves in need of reminders to be nice and speak kindly, to live Ephesians 4:29.  Quarters will remind us, and then we'll all go out to eat with them to celebrate us remembering!
 I got a new pink polypro hoop! So fun!
 We got to hang out on, under, and around the NRG bridge.
Josh bought Lizzy's purple girly bike and created a matte black machine!  He worked hard on it and loves it!
We hiked to a great overlook of the NRG bridge.  (Long Point Trail)
 We also finally got Josh's US citizenship sorted out and built shelves in the RV.  Thanks to some generous friends with boats, we got to go rafting and shredding all together too!  Mostly we sat around and worked, but that's boring.  In between that, we fully enjoyed WV!