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Fall drives & kayaking

It's not such a bad deal to have to shuttle our kayakers to and from the river here in PA in the Fall.  The drives are getting prettier every day!  Today we dropped Allen and Josh at the put in, went grocery shopping (30 minutes away down back roads), and picked them up at the take out.  We got food for a week and Josh earned his Youghology certificate.  
 The views from the river are nice too. 
 This is Pharaoh's Tomb.  Sounds lovely eh?


Beautiful pics!
Do you know of any way to figure out if there are some fulltiming families near us here in Florida. We will be here through Feb before heading west, but the maps I've seen aren't very accurate :)
The Lundy 5 said…
There will be lots down there (us too) Dec-Feb! You can watch to find where everyone's going.
Stephanie said…
Thank you, will join there =)