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Batesville IN

Killing time in Batesville Indiana before Thanksgiving. If it weren't for my family's awesome cooking company, we'd have headed to Florida already! But we're glad we stayed for this long-standing tradition (over 30 years!) of Thanksgiving with the Hamel side of the family. Last year we had a great time with our road family, but it was hard to miss out on the Hamels.
We  were nestled into the trees at Indian Lakes in Batesville, which was beautiful this Fall. 
We were glad to camp by the Nims family for a week.  They beat us to the best campsite!
The kids played Life outside on one of the nice days.
It SNOWED on one of the many not so nice days!  (It was so tempting to drive south!!)
We saw interesting RVs.
And tried out cool ideas from Pinterest.  These bread tie things work great on flip flops!
And our skirt hanger/recipe book holder is perfect!
The campground usually closes for the season, but one section stayed open for some pipeline workers this year.  So we had the place mostly to ourselves. 
Matt gave up a much-loved caterpillar toy he'd made for some much-enjoyed destruction by Jack.
So three weeks of pretty random downtime.  Now for a week of fun with family, then south!