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Chick-fil-A Tour

On our way south, we stopped to see friends in Georgia.  The McCloskeys were camping and the Garrisons bought a stick house (groans from the RV crowd).  :)  We just saw them for a few days in Arizona last year, so it was nice to spend some more time with them.  And it was great to see the McCloskeys again, who we've seen many times, but not enough of course. 
They arranged a tour for us at the Chick-fil-A corporate headquarters and it was so interesting.  Not just because we got freshly baked cookies at the end either!  It was neat to learn how the restaurants started, how involved the whole family is, and what all they support now.  It was a great lesson to the kids about hard work, business, values, and family.  And chicken.  :) 
It was beautifully decked out for Christmas.
Check out the office chair cover.
I think Mr. Cathy planned this for the kids, but whatever. 
Learning about the first restaurant, started by two brothers.  That is the original grill. 
Josh tried to crack the safe to get the secret ingredients, but no luck. 
They were preparing for an open house, showing off Mr. Cathy's impressive car collection. 
Yep, that's the Batmobile. 
We got to take these cuties home with us.
Of course at the end, we were all hungry for chicken, so we had to stop for lunch at a Chick-fil-A Dwarf House, which we'd never heard of before today!  Matt loved the little door. :)