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Document December, week 1

I did it! I kept up with my photo a day to Document December AND tossed them onto my page for the week. Ah, I love this simple way to keep up with my scrapbooking without stress! I spent about an hour planning the four weeks' pages and now I just add the pics and text. Love digital scrapbooking!
I used Erica Belton's fun Plastic Pocket Overlays to make it look like I simply dropped the pics into a pocket page. I added Nicole Young's tabs for the days.  And I used the Happy Holly Days Megakit for the pieces of backgrounds for the "empty pockets" for journaling.
Want to join in? You can do it however you wish. Check out the Document December forum!
For those who are visual and would like an idea of digital scrapbooking, here's a peek at my blank page for next week.  I'll move the day tabs around to whichever pockets I choose for the photos.  I'll "cut" the blue backgrounds to fill in the remaining pockets.  I'll add the photos and journal on the "pieces" of blue backgrounds. That's it! :)
And here is the first day, 12/8.  Easy peasy! 


Tracy said…
Hello Lundy's!! It's been a long time since we met you, but I still follow your blog and your journey :)
I recently started my own blog and hope you will come by and subscribe as well.. Hope you are all well, and let me know if you head back towards Pio Pico and we will meet up again!