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Kitchen table remodel

So I stumble out of bed one morning into the living room (yes, the three whole steps) and Allen says "Honey, what if we just take out the whole couch/table and put in a real table & chairs?"  First, I think "Who's talking to me, it's morning?"  Then, I think, okay, I actually say "Absolutely not. We have a perfectly fine couch that's big enough for all of us, even though we never use it and we all fit around the table, so no."  Probably with a scowly face. 
Then starts our typical dance of "Just hear me out..." - "But...." - "This could work..." - "Yeah, but..." - "What if we..." - "Well, yeah, maybe..."
In the end, of course I'm excitedly measuring for a table and chairs.  And more awake.
Deciding factors: Even though it's a nice big couch, the table blocks it, so we rarely all sit on it.  The table is wobbly (and on its third set of holder-inner-things-that-break, cups Allen says).  We have room for our 5 plates & cups, but nothing more.  The couch isn't comfy.  While there was storage under it, it wasn't needed.  Allen's been sitting on a drum throne instead of a chair for years.  It's the last "RV-looking" thing in our RV.  And Allen was bored.  That last one always means trouble.
So, after we decide it's a great project for our long winter months in Florida, Allen runs an errand with my uncle and is offered a table with 5 chairs.  Yep.
It needs refinished and it's the day before Thanksgiving (with 40 people coming), so we wait to start, right?  Nope.
We sand, strip, scrub, stain, and poly a gorgeous table and chairs.
And we remove, like pieces of a puzzle, the couch/drawer/box things that all simply fit together without any hardware. Interestingly easy after our other remodeling projects.  By "our" of course I mean Allen's.  
 Jack is always willing to watch.
And we end up with a kitchen table that we love.  Tearing out the RV couch and replacing it with a table and chairs was perfect for us.  (We finished in time to show it to family the next day, though they weren't allowed to touch it since it wasn't dry!)  :) 
Weeks later, we love it.  It's so much more useful to us.  There's still a comfy bench for sitting and we may get another for the corner, to add seating and storage.  Or not.  The kids are happy to watch TV from the chairs, floor, bench, standing, whatever.  They don't watch much at night anyway.  In the mornings, well, I don't do mornings, so I don't know, but they don't complain and agree the table is great.  We can all have laptops on it (friends too).  We can put food on the table instead of serving from the counter/stove.  I can spread out while preparing meals.  Board games are easier too.
It fits in the slide, so we just push it in a little more and throw a sheet over the chairs when we slide in.  We'll probably get too lazy for that in the future.  (And it rides just fine.)  When we're on the road is one of the few times we actually did use the old couch, since the table was stored away.  So we miss that part, but we can still sit at the chairs on the ends and the bench and stairs.
This is with the slide in.  Yep, we left the laptop there, oops. 
Yes, we found many lost items under the couch.  And yes, I now have to paint the rest of the slide lime green.  :)  Whoa, here's a step back in time, to the brand new living room we started with.
RV living room remodel for the win!


Jesse said…
How did you get your green walls? Is that paint or wallpaper? I really want to do something like that with our RV...kind of tired of looking at the standard grandma wallpaper, but not sure if I can paint over it and have it look alright.
The Lundy 5 said…
I just painted right over the grandma wallpaper and it looks fine! :)
Lifes a Trip said…
I just wanted to say "thanks!" for sharing your remodel! Seeing your results totally gave me the final push I needed to get rid of our perfectly good (just not for us) rv furniture and replace it with things better suited to us. SO MUCH BETTER NOW :)!!!
The Lundy 5 said…
Thanks for sharing that. Glad we helped. Your personal touches are so great!