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Life Skills

Welcome to the Lundy School of Life Skills! 
So what do you teach your kids anyway? History, math, reading, science...  Yeah, all that boring stuff, but more importantly, how to eat from God's garden.  :)  It's been fun catching the neighborhood kids fascinated with the fish cleaning process.  Allen and Vaughn have given them a great education.  They look at body parts and see what the fish have been eating, and they've learned how to turn those ugly things into delicious bass.  I mostly avoid the process, but am grateful for it. 
They'll probably never use Algebra, but they'll enjoy many fish fries!  Allen and the boys have been doing a lot of hunting and fishing and slowly filling our tiny freezer.  For this dinner, Allen used Willie's recipe in the Duck Commander Family book.  :) 
Looks like someone  may have a budding photographer too. I guess that's another class for the School of Life Skills.  


Amber said…
Kids, men, and fish guts! Always a fun but messy mix. My boys love helping prepare the fish.
It does look like a future photographer in training!

Love the blog, so fun and what an awesome thing to travel, explore, and experience so many wonderful places and things!