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RV updates

I finished painting the living room, aka the slide, from where we took out the couch.  In November. :)  Unfortunately, Allen declared any painting a pink job long ago.  :( 
I cleaned a little too. :)
A rousing game of Euchre, I mean math class... 
We also needed a place for shoes and have a big blank wall in the boys' room.  So after a lot of pondering fancy custom shelves for Allen to build me, I decided to try this quick and easy fix first.  Now, he still hung them, you know, blue job.  :) We can still hang guitars and hoops in front of the shoes with plenty of room for the slide. 
Before and after.  Kinda boring.  FYI, call tan "desert camo" and the boys won't mind!
That should be the last of our painting an RV and probably won't be the last of shoe storage for an RV. :/ 


I love the full table and chairs! Makes me want to lose my booth. How do you secure them when traveling?
The Lundy 5 said…
Thanks! We don't, they're plenty heavy. :) I usually throw a blanket over the chairs so they don't rub against the table, unless I forget.