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Leprechaun traps

The kids took on the challenge by Fulltime Families to make a leprechaun trap.  After some planning, working, careful bandaging to avoid stitches on Matt (Once again kids, don't whittle toward your body.), and more working, they finished their plans.  (Josh opted out once he learned they were looking for a live trap.)  I agree with Kimberly though, we need the leprechaun to lead us to the gold! 
Lizzy's trap hovers over a jar of money...
Then WHAM! He's captured into a pretty box.  
Matt went with a trail of coins, that leads into a box, and over a trip wire, which closes the flap.  The rollerblades hold the box up, and also disguise it by looking like a messy campsite.  
 If the leprechaun is small, and not very bright, I think we have a shot.  :)