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Randomness in Florida

We've been killing time in Florida, waiting for it to warm up so we can head north. To where? No idea yet. :)  We've definitely enjoyed the lovely weather here, visiting the grands, working, playing, and relaxing.  Randomness from the RV: 
Matt and Lizzy created an entire town of paper.  I'm not sure why it centered around a prison though.  
If we get a smaller table/chairs, we have room for a dance floor!
I think we're going to learn how long Allen's beard will grow.
Catching bait for our bass dinners. 
Our friends, the Vinsons from Ohio, were vacationing in Florida and came to visit.  It was great to catch up!
We went with the grands and the Ticknors to a HILARIOUS Tim Hawkins comedy show.  If you get the chance, go!  He was even funny for pictures!
I went to an AMAZING mom's retreat with some AWESOME mamas! 
These moms get me through hard days and make me laugh all year. 
I got a glitter tattoo this year. :) 
Josh loved the bluegrass jam in Eustis and they were so good to him.  It's so neat seeing him so happy with people 5 to 7 times his age. And holding his own on the guitar!
Wildlife is protected here, so they pretty much rule the campground.  No one seems to mind though, because they're so cute!
There's not much going on, but a lot at the same time.   A lot of working, organizing, planning, and a lot of playing and learning. 
Learn Something New Every Day