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Window cover/chalkboard

Since we're leaving tomorrow and I should be packing up, I decided to start a new project.  And then, you know, blog about it.  (Familiar, anyone?)  We wanted to darken our front window somehow, so we've been looking for options.  We couldn't find car window tinting film or dark contact paper, so I looked online.  As I searched for black contact paper, I saw chalkboard contact paper and thought we'd give that a try.
The frame around the window was easy to take off, with about a million screws.  
You can see all the styrofoam stuff inside.
Then I just cut the paper and stuck it on.
Can't tell from the outside.
One layer wasn't enough, so I added a second.  
Which was enough and blocks the light nicely.  Now the frame lets light through still, so it appears to glow.  I could paint the inside of it to really black it out.  We'll see!  
For now, it'll keep the sun from blinding us at dinner and the street lamps from keeping us up at rest stops.  And you can leave a note on the chalkboard - yes, after you walk down the steps, close the screen, and walk back up the steps.  ;)  Of course Lizzy just gave away her chalk, so we had to borrow some from the Stone family. Yep, another of many RVing families here in Orlando. 


Boyink said…
Funny, I wanted to go the other way and get clear glass put in so I could actually see out that window!
Jesse said…
Oh I love that idea! I hate that window...light always gets in during sunset and drives me nuts! Great idea!
Unknown said…
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