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RV before/after

We've made a lot of changes to our RV home over the past three years.  Of course once Allen gets bored, it'll probably change again.  :)  Since it was a brand new RV, it was hard to begin remodeling and redecorating.  But once we got started, it was impossible to stop!  We love making it our own and surrounding ourselves with colors and things that make us happy. 
Here's a peek into our Sierra Treehouse 35Loft, aka home.   
We're loving our real kitchen table and sit around it all the time.  We don't miss the couch, since we rarely used it anyway, although we may downsize the table and put in a bench or two for more cushy seating and storage. 
Even though it was pretty (and one of the things that sold us on this RV), the stairs/wall was not functional and took up so much space, so out it went!  We put in a bench for extra seating and great storage, and you just use it to go up the stairs.
In the lower kids' room, Allen first replaced the couch with a bed for Lizzy.  Later, he built bunks for the boys and Lizzy moved up to the loft. 
The loft was once a free-for-all, then a boy's loft, but is now a tri-colored girly room.  
Allen added shelves and a desk in the master bedroom. 
The master bath is now purple and the kids' bath is now turquoise. Yes, we have two bathrooms, we have children!
Those are the major changes, but of course there are a lot more here.  We've hung license plates, woodworking, photos, shoe storage, guitars, and curtains from hiking sticks. We've added a chalkboard window cover and storage under stairs.  We've removed cabinets and doors where we didn't want them, and added them where we did.  We've glued seashells, sand dollars, and shark teeth to the cabinets.  We've velcroed baskets to the tops of cabinets for permanent storage that stays put while we travel.   It sure looks nothing like when we first bought it, and we love it! 
P.S.  Why do RV makers stick to beige on beige anyway?  Tip: no one likes that! 


Janne said…
I love what you've done with the place. I've been reading your blog since meeting you at ETAAM. I'm very intrigued. I am seriously considering downsizing. Maybe not RVing full time, but rather buying some property and parking an RV. While I could easily downsize most of our stuff, my biggest question is, where do you/how do you store all of your school supplies? Where do you put your printer and such? It seems that my school stuff takes up more room than anything else.
The Lundy 5 said…
Thanks! We unschool, so no school supplies! :) The printer is on the shelf in my closet beside my desk. I have some office organization up there and files in baskets. We have a cabinet for books that we swap out at campground libraries.