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Table Rock State Park

We heard about some great  hiking in South Carolina, so we stopped by Table Rock State Park.  Great hiking means two very different things to Allen and me, but I survived the strenuous climb up over 3000 feet (ugh!) and it was indeed worth it, as it always is. 
 See? Not exaggerating! 
 We had a great rest at the top.
This part looked so much like Maine!  Except no blueberries.  Those blueberries were a great bonus for each hike.  Our tangerines were okay, but it wasn't the same. 
 This wasn't even a steep part.
I'll admit sometimes I pretend to care about getting a good picture just so I can rest.  I really don't care about these whatever flowers, I just needed my heart rate to slow and to feel my legs. 
My sweet Matt left me some flowers and notes along the trail.   :)
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All About Fun said…
Hi! I have been following your blog for about a year and enjoy reading about all the places you visit. You guys are living my dream. We live in South Carolina and have hiked Table Rock several times. It was very cool to see you in our neck of the woods. Just wondering if you are still in the area. You can contact me at My name is Diane. My blog is Thank you for sharing your adventures!