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Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls ID

Lindsay and I took the kids to Shoshone Falls and Dirkies Lake.  The falls were amazing, with a rainbow at the bottom.  The lake is a great place for kids with a separate kiddie pool, diving board, playground, cliff to jump (or seal launch in a kayak) from, shade trees, etc.  We took a lunch and had a really fun day. 
At the lake. 
Josh didn't stick the landing, but he rolled back up.  
 Two happy boys.
 The drive was pretty too.  


Nicole said…
The pics of your travels are beautiful. I emailed you a year and a half or so ago (and you emailed me back) about traveling and homeschool. When I found your blog I had been thinking about homeschool for a while and I just thought I'd let you know that you were a big inspiration. We've just started homeschooling the kids and even though we just finished our first week I can tell we're going to love it. We're not able to travel like y'all are right now, but we travel every chance we get and I can't wait to learn on our new adventures!