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Lundy woods

I finally explored the rest of Lundy Mountain today.  Allen showed me where he and the boys have been hunting and exploring.  The section of woods down the hill is even prettier than the top, especially with the Fall colors!
I turned around and found Allen like this  Some poor squirrel decided to move. 
This is "the crooked tree" which is a planned fort in the future.  
*We've received several messages about this being an Indian marker tree, a very cool thing to study. See the comments for more info (thanks!).  It could definitely point to our lake access, or a trail through the mountains, or even a still, any would be possible here! 

Can you see Josh's fort?  It blends in pretty well. 
I just love looking out our windows. Ahhh...


Steve said…
How did you find a mountain all to yourself? Does someone you know own it?
The Lundy 5 said…
That's just what we call it. It's just a little piece of land in the country.
All About Fun said…
Did you know that your tree is called a trail tree and was created by the Native Americans. They trained them from sapplings to bend that way. It would point to a trail or water source a village. Also, bootleggers would do the same thing pointing to a still.
The Lundy 5 said…
We keep hearing about these now, so cool. Thanks for sharing. It sure could be any of those things and we'll look into it more.