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Lizzy is 14

Our New Year baby is 14!  After some cake for lunch, we took her to Downtown Disney for some shopping and eating and more shopping and more eating.  :)  This hat reminded me of our Disney trip in 2006 when, at 6, she was all about being a princess.  Apparently she's far too mature for that now (although that's questionable, because she wore a cartoon raccoon hat today)!  :)  
Lizzy brought her friend Laney, another fulltime RVing teen that we've seen in many states across the country. :) 
Her choice for dinner. 
Ribs, her favorite! 
The Hunger Games memorabilia were favorites tonight.
This is what happens when everyone is sick, especially the cake baker!  No, this doesn't say Happy New Year, it says Happy 14th Year.  You have to use your imagination. :)